One becomes used to being part of a winning team. After a while it almost becomes a given, something you’re very certain about – in fact so sure, you’re even a little arrogant about it.

Then, as per life, the tables turn, and before you know it your winning team is no longer on top. And as you see them slipping to the bottom, so does your heart. Being ahead on the scoreboard is much more exciting than being behind.

This is exactly what happened to the rugby at my son’s school. For years they were known as one of the teams to beat, but sadly last year they were beaten by just about every team.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but hard as it may be, you can’t just jump ship. So every Saturday all the parents and old boys show up again and again, supporting the boys on the field.

Today they had a great game – they were actually ahead most of the time, but more importantly, they were in the game the whole time. Sadly they weren’t ahead on the scoreboard when the final whistle blew, but they played so well that it was considered a great loss.

Everyone was very proud and optimistic about the turnaround they saw on the field. May this spirit carry forward into the rest of the season – and win or lose doesn’t really matter, as we’ve now also come to learn that it’s a much bigger lesson to learn how to lose than it is to win.

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