Yesterday I missed a day of posting. It wasn’t because I didn’t think about it, or because I didn’t want to, but because I made a considered choice not to.

Sometimes we commit to things and we feel strongly about delivering on our promises. We don’t want to go back on our word – even if that word was only given to ourselves. But these commitments can sometimes be to the detriment of ourselves, others or our relationship with others.

My husband works very long hours – as in very long. Our coffee shop is a 7 day operation, with him being very hands on. He opens the doors at 6am, opens certain evenings as well as the weekends.  So our time together is actually very precious.

My work on the other hand, is very flexible – I work on a limited number of clients and don’t have to adhere to office hours. So it is possible for me to manage my blog post during the day. In fact I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, but every now and again I find myself writing in bed just before I go to sleep.

But because I made this commitment to writing everyday, it seems to be an excuse to interfere with what should be our family time. Until last night. I made the decision that I don’t want to continue this bad habit – which is completely avoidable – just because I think I have an excuse.

So, I missed posting yesterday, and am undertaking today that I will not let writing impede with the precious time I have to spend with my family.

With a little conscious planning I have no doubt there’ll be more than enough time to fit in all the priorities I deem important. And when not, I want to know that I’m comfortable with the decision I made.


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