My ideal Sunday morning routine would be this – wake up naturally, get up at leisure, have a coffee and fresh croissant on the patio reading the Sunday paper and then, depending on the day, decide whether it is spent outdoors or cozying up indoors – perhaps with a good book.

My actual Sunday morning routine, however, starts early with my husband leaving on his bicycle at an ungodly hour – so no waking up naturally. Then I’m up to open the shop at the crack of dawn, so no getting up at leisure.

At least there is a good coffee and a fresh croissant, even though not on my patio whilst reading the paper.

As I come from hospitality, I understand the pressures and commitment synonymous with this industry very well, let alone those that come with owning a restaurant. So for one day a week, it is my pleasure to take the reigns and reconnect with the space and people that give us so much.

Even though this baby is demanding, requiring many hours of my husband’s time, which is undeniably difficult at times, I am eternally grateful for this shop, for the people coming to support our business as customers and specifically for the wonderful team of people who help us so diligently to keep the wheels in motion.

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