I’ve been a meditator for many years, and I can honestly say that it’s changed my life. Shortly after I got married, the realities of an angry ex-wife and small children hit hard and I wanted out. A friend at the time recommended that I tried meditation and twelve years later I am still married and still meditating.

I practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) and it is recommended to meditate twice a day – 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon. For me personally, I manage the morning meditation very regularly, but really struggle to fit in the afternoon session.

The benefits of the second meditation are undeniable, so I’ve often wondered why it is so hard to fit it in – and I finally got it to make sense. We are so programmed to make every moment count – to have a good and productive workday, that this time we put aside is almost regarded at cheat time.

But in the world we live in, it is so important for us to make connections bigger than ourselves – to the universe, to God – but there is no way of doing that unless we’re truly connected to ourselves.

So actually, we owe it to ourselves to take the time to do everything in our power to fully and deeply connect to ourselves, so that we can fully and deeply connect with everything and everyone else.

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