Winter months aren’t necessarily the best time to get to know your garden, but the season has changed after the fabulous summer rains and I find it necessary to be spending some time with the hose in my hand, quenching the thirst of our newly established garden.

In time to come we would like to instal an irrigation system, but to be honest, I find watering the garden extremely gratifying. It is the perfect excuse to take some time out while at the same time serving a purpose. And I’m discovering all sorts of beautiful surprises in the beds that I didn’t even know were living there.

I feel myself getting more and more attached to every plant – when I see a new leaf push through or grasses spread, I am filled with enormous joy.

My wish is for every plant on this property that I am so fortunate to be calling home is to flourish – that all that live here, be it people, animals or plants, thrive because they know they’re loved and cared for.



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