I experienced the past few weeks as a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I just held on for dear life and opened my eyes again once it came to a halt. I ticked along keeping the most important balls in the air, but I mostly felt disengaged with little energy to back it up.

Then, all of a sudden, you’re snapped out of a dream and reality hits you hard in the face. It’s time to pick up the pieces – to tally everything up and see how it comes out on the scoreboard.

Fortunately nothing was unsalvageable – I had to do some serious catch up at work and realised that I missed many posts on this blog that I’d intended to update every day. Now it didn’t change my life, but I realised that losing control is a slow, slippery slope.

Last night I watched a program about people who lost significant amounts of weight – many of them said that they slowly gained the weight over years, without even noticing, until one day they didn’t recognise the person in the mirror.

I think it’s quite similar to keeping your finger on the pulse of your own life. If you’re not consciously staying on top of everything, ensuring what you intend to do actually gets done, you may find yourself waking up one morning to a life not quite your own.

Having wakeup calls every now and again is a blessing, and I always tell my children that a good way to show your gratitude is to do your absolute best. That is how I feel right now – inspired to do my best in gratitude for all the blessings I am so fortunate to enjoy.



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