Last week I attended a very interesting workshop for a couple of days. It covered the principals of the Enneagram in the narrative tradition, and I found the content incredibly interesting and enriching.

I got some valuable insight, both into myself and my loved ones. But interestingly, one week later the highlight was not finding my Enneagram type, because I’m still torn between two, after eliminating the type I initially thought I was – so major confusion to say the least.

The points that really stood out for me were firstly the impact society’s seemingly acceptable behaviour have on our authentic selves. We often disregard what comes naturally to us, conforming to what’s expected – and I’m not talking about those who try particularly hard to fit in. From a young age we’re taught to behave in a certain way, which eventually becomes part of our make-up.

The second point truly was an a-ha moment for me. Realising how much our behaviour is driven by ego. It is so powerful to understand that once ego is taken out of the equation, we are authentically ourselves. Now, whenever I feel like I want to bare my teeth – I try to catch myself by asking – is this behaviour driven by ego? And if so, to become aware of it and to try to eliminate it – to see how different the outcome would be.

We tend to criticize others with egotistical behaviour, but the truth is that we’re all driven by it (see, ego again – just confirming I’m not the only one!). But I do think that the world would look completely different if more and more people become aware of it, and start making decisions based on their authentic selves.



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