Hindsight is the best sight – probably one of the truest sayings. If only we knew upfront how the puzzle fit together, it would be so very helpful.

For the past few weeks I noticed every now and again that my little baby girl has been yawning in a peculiar way – almost as if she was lazy somehow. In fact, it was quite cute to be honest.

Then, I noticed that food she used to make a big spectacle of chewing – like a pizza crust for example – became a little less attractive as she found it harder and harder to chew.

We knew that she had a few bad teeth and thought that to be the problem. Off she went to the animal hospital this morning for some dental work, only to be told that the operation could not be done, as the vet was unable to open her mouth wider than 3 centimeters.

He explained her condition and gave some meds which will hopefully relax her muscles, and we’ll go back in a week to see if it worked.

Of course I am so worried and sad – worried about what could possibly happen, and sad about the fact that I noticed the early signs of this condition, without knowing at all what I was noticing.

Of one thing I am certain, this little thing is so loved – by every single member of our family. And I know that she knows that too.


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