Since my involvement with an under privileged school once a week, I started wondering more and more how one can make an impact bigger than just reaching the few kids you help to read and write better.

There is no doubt that the need all around us is enormous, and once you scratch the surface, it truly is never ending. So much so, that one actually feels completely overwhelmed by it.

You get ideas of a complete turn about, saving the planet and all its living creatures one by one. But after some careful consideration, one realises that your small contribution on a regular basis counts for a lot in the end.

One of my favourite reads is ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson, which talks about the accumulative effect of small, regular actions over time – be it exercise, work, relationships, saving money – the greatest success is accomplished by taking small steps, on an ongoing basis.

I’ve come to realise that the accumulative effect of my small contribution to a community in need on a regular basis also has a big impact after a while – without even realising, I’ve made a big difference to someone’s life – even if only to my own.

So just keep on keeping on taking one small step at a time – it is so worth it.


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