It is hard to believe that this is the last day of the first half of this year. 2017, the promising year of new beginnings is flying by.

These few months brought along some lovely highlights, insights and many an a-ha moment, including the Design Indaba, our family get-together, working with Inge and Marilyn, attending workshops, teaching at the school and just being with my family.

But the one thing that I am eternally grateful for was the privilege to enjoy time. To be honest, the last six months saw me in a bit of a cocoon – being at home, watering the garden, walking my dogs, meditating, training and just being quiet.

Reflecting back, it gave me the opportunity to really reconnect with myself – understanding unhealthy relationship dynamics, recognising behaviour patterns, identifying what it was that no longer served me and letting go of it, figuring our niggles that kept on showing up.

It was a time during which I made the conscious decision to look inwards – again and again – until I felt comfortable about and loved who and what I saw.

Life’s journey is fluid and ongoing and I am under no illusion that I’m sorted for the rest of my life. I do know, however, that  knowing what it feels like to be connected to myself physically, emotionally and spiritually puts me in a strong position – in so many aspects, right here and right now.

I am eternally grateful for having had this time as I know it is such a luxurious commodity.

To the first half of this year, all I can say is thank you for bringing me back to me. And to the second half, I am ready to take on every opportunity that comes my way with both hands – I look forward to seeing you there.


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