Getting to relax fully when going on a short break takes a while. You have these illusions of being totally at ease, but reality is that for the first few days you’re pretty occupied with work, then you fill the days with activities and only towards the end do you really get comfortable with doing absolutely nothing.

But apart from relaxing, time away from the realities of every day life is a wonderful way to take stock – to gain perspective of the things that are important – to understand that small niggles turn into big ones and eventually take on a life of its own – all in your head.

Fresh air and time to think allow you to return with a bit of a game plan – refreshed and actually excited to keep on keeping on.

On this last day in the magical Mauritius I am reminded that taking charge of your own actions is something only you can do – and even though the outcome is never guaranteed, choosing considered responses is without a doubt more impactful than hoping for the right reactions.


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