The days of the high and mighty being above any form of scandal seems to have come and gone. Being powerful and rich of course makes it easier to cover up the truth and can buy time, but no-one is immune anymore.

Think of Bell Pottinger, once the agency that received exorbitant amounts of money from power hungry clients to manipulate the truth, KPMG, a trusted superpower whose job it is to ensure that things are above board and now, Harvey Weinstein, a very big fish in the pond called Hollywood that turned out to be the scum of the earth.

Of course there is some sort of delight in the knowing that unjust behaviour is ousted and that the guilty will have to face the music, but it mostly makes me wonder about the society we live in, questioning the contribution we’ve made to creating this monster.

Everything in our world is about getting to the top – about making it, about being recognised and about being successful. We admire those who’ve built empires, put the powerful on pedestals and treat the wealthy differently. Does this not allow for the ‘top dogs’ to run havoc – to do exactly as and how they please?

Perhaps it is time for each and every individual to claim their own power back – to break down pedestals, to stop turning a blind eye as and when it suits. If everyone is kept in check by everyone – no matter their position in life – no-one would be allowed to get away with the unthinkable.

Because if we don’t put people in a position of power, they’re not able to abuse it.


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