My name is Marisa Ravenscroft and Raven About That is a blog capturing the moments that inspire, bring joy and touch my life on some level every day.

Life can easily become mundane thanks to never ending ‘to-do’ lists and the world that we live in often leave us emotionally blunt. Our senses are overstimulated at all times, but ironically we consciously need to make a point to slow down and look for the moments that touch our hearts.

The city of gold is my home. I live with my husband, Grant, who I am proud to say, is the owner of the most fabulous coffee shop in town – Croft & Co. I am fortunate to be stepmom to Levi and Taylor and seeing them turn into beautiful young adults over the past 12 years has been and continues to be only but a privilege.

I am excited to press pause every day, to find something that is simple, beautiful and magnificent – because I find that if only I stop to take the time, I find it all around me.